Shmerling-Synchro Energy Engineering Ltd.


Shmerling-Synchro Energy Engineering Ltd. provides a wide-ranging portfolio of engineering solutions in the field of power generators, from the early design phase, throughout production, service and provision of spare parts.

Shmerling Engineering Ltd. a wholly-owned Taavura subsidiary, holds 89.8% of Shmerling-Synchro Energy Engineering Ltd.

The company was established in 1968, and since has become an industry leader in the following fields: 
•  Design, manufacturing, marketing and installation of diesel generators, rating from 1 to 3,000KVA. 
•  Marketing a broad range of engines and generators. 
•  Renting out generators and load-bank devices. 
•  Providing service and maintenance to diesel generators of all models. 
•  Manufacturing, designing and installation electrical boards and control panels. 
•  Provision of synchronization systems and soft transfer switches. 
•  Gas  generators and bio-gas cogeneration systems (combined heat and power). 
•  Marketing controllers for diesel generators. 

Shmerling-Synchro is a sole distributor for Israel of some very well known producers such as SDMO,  DAEWOO, LISTER, NEWAGE STAMFORD, MECC ALTE,  DEEP SEA, FROMENT, etc. The company markets the world’s best generators with the leading brand names such as Volvo, Cummins, Perkins, MTU, John Deere, Dresser Waukesha, Mitsubishi and Lister Petter engines, as well as Newage Stamford, Mecc alte and Leroy Somer alternators.

The products can be installed in weatherproof canopies or in soundproof canopies and containers, attenuated to the sound-level required by the customer (60 dB(A) - 75 dB(A) from 3 - 7 meters) or installed on a Self-Contained Towable Trailer, tailored to the size and weight of the generator.
Shmerling-Synchro provides support and service to its customers, round-the-clock, using a large stock of genuine spare parts for all brands of engines and alternators.

Engineering Department
The strict and professional design and engineering policies are our most high priority, which reflects in our engineering department, being the largest Israeli company in the business. 
The engineering department includes 7 engineers and provides highly professional design of  electro-mechanical installations, layout of generators, facilities and ancillary equipment (concrete surfaces, fuel tanks and power cables); manufacturing of generators to customers specifications, design of electric power boards, control and synchronization between generators or/and between generators and the main.
Furthermore, the engineering department supports the company's service and installation department and provides engineering solutions and consultation for customers in the process of purchasing.
The engineering department is responsible for the quality control (ISO9000), which includes testing the generators and the electric boards during and at the end of their production, before providing it to the customer.


The company possesses a fleet of 150 diesel generators, that are regularly rented out to customers for different applications and needs. These include hospitals, domestic users, industry, marine, agriculture, construction, etc. The said fleet consists of different types and sizes of generators to provide a solution for any need that may arise.

The company has thousands of customers throughout the country and worldwide:
Ministry of Defense, Israel Air Force, Mekorot (national water company), IAI (Israel Aircraft Industries), Ministry of Health, Dead Sea Works, Israel Police, Israel Airports Authority, Medical organization, Israel Electric Company, Communication and Telephone companies, Cellular phone companies, WWTP (Waste Water Treatment Plants, Sewage plant & Water Plants), Main newspapers, Hospitals, Municipalities, Industries, Toll roads, Hotels,  Construction & Infrastructure companies, Farms, Kibbutzs, Agriculture  and many others. 

Shmerling-Synchro is preparing itself to embark upon new technologies and during the past twelve months, the company has begun to market state-of-the-art co-generation systems using diesel/gas engines for the supply of electricity and high pressure steam for unique sites such as hospitals, the dairy industry, waste treatment plants, agriculture, etc.

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