Public Transportation

Egged-Taavura Ltd.

Egged-Taavura is a joint venture between Taavura (50%) and Egged - Israel's largest public transportation operator (50%).

Egged-Taavura was established following a strategic decision of each of the above companies to cooperate in the field of public transportation that has been undergoing a privatization process, with the aim of becoming the leading company in the field.

Egged-Taavura, which commenced its activities in the public transportation field at the beginning of 2004, began in May 2004 the operation of its first cluster in the Elad area.

In June 2005, Egged-Taavura started to operate the public transportation in the North Negev cluster (Ashkelon). In September 2007, the company launched the public transportation operation in the city of Ashdod and in Febuary 2009, in the city of Natania. In addition the company operates several service lines between Tel Aviv and Beer Sheva.

Egged-Taavura is currently operating over 350 buses, both low-floor city buses and intercity buses. The company meets the strictest regulations and offers a very high standard of service.


Personal pick up services

In Addition to the Public Transportation operation, Egged-Taavura renders personal and special pick-up services. The company provides a complete answer to the special requirements in the field of pick-up services: taxis, transit buses, minibuses and buses, transportation to factories and institutions, VIP services and limousines, collection and courier services, transportation to Ben Gurion Airport, and the foundation and operation of transport administrations.

To learn more about Egged-Taavura activities please visit the company’s Hebrew website: